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ALvino ALive [entries|friends|calendar]
ALvino ALive

ALvino ALive

This community is
dedicated to ALvino,
to collect and share
as much information
as possible about the new
and promising band of Shota,
Jun (Ex-Pierrot) and Koji
(Ex-La cryma Christi).

1) be nice! No flaming please!
2) help us to keep the Community alive.
Post Icons, wallpapers,
fanfictions, fanarts,
leftovers, feel free to
ask questions, share
everything you want
about ALvino!
3) please keep your posts
'friends only'
4) comment! Please honor
the work and art of
those who post it here.
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Wheee, almost ten years! [10 Sep 2016|12:54pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

I know, I know this community is mostly silent and/or dead, but I thought it'd be worth saying that this community is almost ten years old. Hooray! ^o^

Now, I'd like to celebrate it and ALvino's tenth anniversary (admittedly, they already celebrated it as they consider February 16th their anniversary day) with a little retrospective and give a review of their works from all the way back then until now. Who knows? Maybe it'll bring out those that are still here out of the lurking shadows and start up some conversations? Who thinks this is a good idea? :3

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[03 Jun 2009|03:43pm]


be free to join. just click on the banner
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[03 Jun 2009|09:27am]

Any ALvino rpers out there? *hopes*

ruhecity is a AU Asian Entertainment Roleplay community. It focuses on both discussion and roleplay centered play. It is an LJ based rp.

Welcome citizens of Ruhe, Germany.

Ruhe City is a bustling university city in Germany, located between Berlin and Lepzig. It has a smaller town feel with the city accommodations and it's close enough to Berlin and Leipzig for weekend trips to the really big city attractions.

What will you be? What is your history? Who are you? Show us and forge a life in Ruhe City.
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AUCTION → PIERROT FANCLUB ONLY Dictators Circus VI & ATTACK [to] THE FREEDOM [22 Apr 2009|02:17pm]


Click for larger view

Auctioning off the rare and sold out FANCLUB editions of Dictators Circus VI, and ATTACK [to] THE FREEDOM here @ omgsales. :D/

Annoyingly xposted srry
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Selling. [22 Feb 2009|09:52pm]

Hello everyone,

I'm currently selling three ALvino's snow line, Fly high!, and Hana singles at my journal. If you're interested, please take a look HERE!

Thank you~
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[19 Dec 2008|05:04am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Hello all!

It's my first time contributing to this LJ, so I thought I'd share with you all my rip of ALvino's Alone, Type-A. It's uploaded on MegaUpload only, I'm afraid. Let me know if you need it uploaded on another site, okay? ^_^

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to you [04 May 2008|01:46pm]

[ mood | calm ]

today is the 4th of may.

and this means 

don't hotlink them please, you want others to see them as well, don't you? and without bandwidth from photobucket and imageshack it's a bit.... difficult

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icons [25 Apr 2008|10:06pm]

[ mood | creative ]

since there are new profile pics, I made some icons....

no hotlinking
comment please

credit would be nice

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♥ Harry Potter Verse Asian AU Roleplay ♥ [07 Apr 2008|08:57am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Magical Notes (click) is a roleplay community based in Harry Potter Verse (the world, not the story), but with all Asian characters. You are allowed to claim any character that is part of the Asian Entertainment world (this includes bands, solo artists, actors, models, etc.). The community is just starting up so there are still plenty of characters available!

Magical Notes (click)

((~There is no Alvino there or jrock for that matter D:))
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NEWS [19 Mar 2008|11:48am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Kopno tegami is out and what do these guys do?

touring a bit and theeeeeen....


on may 21st

will cost: 1200 yen

name: kokoro film

content:  1. kokoro film   (heart film / movie)
                2. kodonaku shounen (lonely boy)
                3. Rainbow Riders

unfortunatelly there's no pic available yet.....

have fun


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